: Hybrid Cars

Meet Our Expert in Hybrid, Electric Vehicles

Jack McDermott is a certified, award-winning technician who also fixes gas-powered vehicles. Jack McDermott is a native of Shullsburg. He has an associate degree in automotive technology from Southwest Tech in Fennimore. He worked for GM before he became Terry’s Car Care’s go-to  guy for hybrid cars, hybrid trucks and electric vehicles. He has more…
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Green Tires for Green Vehicles

Terry's Car Care Has Tires Made Specially for Electric Vehicles Residents of the Madison, WI, area are “very environmentally aware,” says Will C. Sparks, owner of Terry’s Car Care. It’s one of the areas in the U.S. with the highest per capita registration of hybrid vehicles, he says. Terry’s is right up there with eco…
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You Don’t Need the Dealer to Fix Your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

Once, It Was Hard to Find a Repair Shop. Not Anymore. Though still fairly rare, it’s becoming more and more common to see electric cars on the road. Not only are they eco-friendly, at least one of them – the Tesla – has an added, unforeseen perk: Thieves leave it alone. That’s right. According to…
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