Help! My #*^@ Car Wont’ Start!

Could be many things, including your catalytic converter. For a diagnosis or auto repair in Madison, see the auto mechanics at Terry’s Car Care.

The day got off to a very bad beginning this morning when your car refused to start. (There went any thought of going to see Venus in Fur at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s Spotlight Cinema tonight.) You feel like tearing your hair out because “not starting” is a symptom of what seems like a gazillion things that could be wrong with a car or truck.

The first thing to think about (after you call Terry’s Car Care for help, of course) is whether you’ve noticed anything else recently. If, for example, you’ve noticed your vehicle using more gas than usual or not accelerating when you step on the gas, you might have a clogged catalytic converter.

A catalytic converter is one of the most important components of a vehicle’s emission system, cleaning much of the pollutants from the exhaust before it’s released into the environment. notes that the most common cause of catalytic converter failure in an older car “is that it becomes so clogged that the exhaust gases can’t get through it to the muffler and out of the car. If air can’t get out the rear of the vehicle, it can’t come in the front end, so the engine dies because no air is coming in to form the fuel/air mixture.”

It can also break if something else is wrong with your car or truck. Like, a damaged head gasket that allows oil or coolant into the system. Or a malfunctioning ignition system that allows unburned gas into the system. This, says, “is another good reason for going for tune-ups at specified intervals.”

But you don’t need to worry because you’ve called Terry’s. We’ve been fixing cars and trucks (and providing tire care) for Madison drivers for 46 years. So, when you need a reliable auto mechanic you can trust for Madison auto repairs, come to Terry’s.

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