Rattle, Rattle | Catalytic Converter

That rattling could indicate your catalytic converter needs to be replaced. You need a reliable Madison auto repair shop.

You were sitting at a traffic light on the way home last night when you heard it – a rattling sound coming from under your car. That was disturbing enough, but when you got on I-43, you found it was hard to get your car up to speed. Now you’re considering taking your car to the auto mechanics at Terry’s Car Care rather than going to the native plant garden tour at the Arboretum.

Taking your car to a trusted Madison auto mechanic like those at Terry’s is the right thing to do. From the sounds of it, you could have a broken catalytic converter. As Angie’s List explains: “If you get a rattle in the exhaust…, there is a catalytic converter in the exhaust that is part of your emissions and it has a ceramic substrate and what happens is that substrate will break down. …

“As it breaks down, it will originally break down into a couple different pieces, then it will bounce around in there until it gets to the size of golf balls or rocks and when that happens it blows back through the exhaust system. [At that point] you’ll find that you struggle to get over 50-55 miles-per-hour.”

Terry’s has been the auto repair and tire service shop of choice in Madison for about 50 years. We’re conveniently located in the isthmus. And you won’t have to worry about missing your Arboretum tour. Leave your car with us and we’ll get you there. While you’re here, ask us about our money-saving specials, including a $50 prepaid Visa when you buy a qualifying catalytic converter. Also ask about our other deals.

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