: Differential

These Are Not Beautiful Noises

Odd or unusual noises can indicate potentially serious problems with your car or truck. You’ve occasionally noticed a squealing sound when you apply the brakes on your car or truck. But when you were headed home after a successful shopping expedition at this weekend’s Maxwell Street Days Summer Sidewalk Sale, you heard a more ominous…
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Not Purring Like a Kitten

If your car or truck is roaring like a tiger, you could have major problems. With all the various noises at the Dane County Fair this weekend, you might think that roaring is merely a commentary from one of the Royal Bengal or Siberian tigers in Bruno’s Tiger Show. If that’s what it is, that’s…
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Noises from the Axle and Gear Area?

Could be your differential is slipping. One component that all modern cars and trucks have in common is the differential. It’s called that because one of its duties is to allow a vehicle to turn smoothly by allowing the wheels on one side to travel at a different speed than those on the other side.…
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