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Not Music to Your Ears

Unusual noises from your car or truck engine need to be evaluated as soon as possible to prevent major damage. If you’re getting ready for a day – or weekend – trip to Country Jam USA in Eau Claire, you’re looking to hear country music, not sinister sounds from under the hood of your car…
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Is Your Engine Screeching Rather Than Purring?

Sounds Like You Need to Check Your Fan Belt. So you were getting ready to leave the “Duck Pond” last night after the Mallards defeated the Growlers but when you started it, your engine began squealing like an angry gerbil. The noise stopped pretty quickly but it came back this morning when you were on…
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The Weather Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Hot

But if your engine gets too hot, that's a bad thing. When you were returning from sampling the vintages at Wollersheim Winery in Prairie du Sac the other day, you noticed that your engine was running a bit hot. You made it home with no problem except worrying that you’d be stranded at any moment.…
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