: Fuel pump

Engine Sputtering

Sounds like a bad fuel pump. You need to call Terry's Car Care for auto repairs in Madison. Tonight’s the time to officially say goodbye to summer. The autumn equinox, the official first day of fall and one of two days in the year when daylight and nighttime are (nearly) equal in length, arrives at…
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Engine Hesitation?

Your fuel filter needs to be checked. You’ve been having a hard time starting your car or truck recently. And, when it does get going, it’s just not acting right. It’s cutting off, idling roughly and the engine is hesitating. Now, just when you’re on your way to Songwriting 101 with Make Music Madison, it…
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The Gas Has to Get from the Tank to the Engine

If it doesn't, you're not going anywhere and your fuel pump may be to blame. That yummy day you wait for all year is here – Take Your Brat to Work Day that kicks off this weekend’s (May 23-26) World’s Largest Brat Fest. But you missed it. You were stranded by the side of the…
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