: Gear

Trouble Getting into Gear?

Your transmission could need fixing. You were sitting at a stop light earlier this week thinking about attending this weekend’s National Women’s Music Festival in Middleton. When you pulled away from the light, your car or truck kind of jerked when it shifted from first into second gear. That’s a sign you might want to…
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Noises from the Axle and Gear Area?

Could be your differential is slipping. One component that all modern cars and trucks have in common is the differential. It’s called that because one of its duties is to allow a vehicle to turn smoothly by allowing the wheels on one side to travel at a different speed than those on the other side.…
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Clink, Clang and Vibrate

Those could be the symptoms of a universal joint going bad. Ever have one of those days at work when it seems like you’ve been transported into the movie Groundhog Day? When things just seem to repeat over and over and over and the weekend never was and never will be? Of course you have;…
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