: Ignition

Spark Gone from Your Engine?

Prevent your spark plugs from going bad with regular vehicle maintenance. Even drivers who aren’t into engines generally know a couple of things about spark plugs: They’re the gizmos that provide the spark that starts the engine. And, they need to be changed every once so often. If you’re one of those who just wants…
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It IS Brain Surgery

Well, sort of - if your power train control module needs fixing. To make an interesting and horrifying story, science fiction writers often create a world in which machines develop minds of their own and take over. Well, those writers are not far from the truth. Your car or truck already has a mind of…
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Hard Starting Your Car? Truck Engine Losing Power?

Hmmm. Sounds like your ignition coil. You’d planned to start the day with an hour or so over at the Vitense Golfland driving range. But you spent more time than you planned trying to improve that slice, which made you late for work. Then, you had trouble starting your car. Although it started, the whole…
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