Before You Get All Steamed Up

Get your water pump checked out.

You’ve been looking forward to this weekend’s Midwest Stand Up Paddle Festival not just to watch but to try your hand – or paddle – at learning about SUP. But from the looks of the leak under your car or truck, you think you might be paddling your vehicle over to Terry’s Car Care instead for our experienced, certified technicians to check out.

Leaks tend to be bad news for car and truck engines. If this one is accompanied by a hot temperature light and/or rubbing, grinding and whining noises, then you could have a failing water pump. The leak and the noises are the pump’s way of telling you it’s about to die and to get it fixed soon before you do severe damage to your engine. The water pump is part of the radiator and cooling system designed to keep your engine operating at an optimum temperature and, according to, it’s one of the seven most common car radiator repairs. The others: failed thermostat, leaky radiator hose, air in the cooling system, leaky radiator, failed radiator fan and blockages in the cooling system. We have experience with all those at Terry’s and can care for you and your car or truck – gas powered, diesel, hybrid, or electric – and have you on back on the road to those paddle board lessons.

Terry’s Can Help You With All Your Cooling System Problems!

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