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If your car is wandering all over the road, you need a Madison car care expert asap.

You’re looking forward to the Adult Swim: Craft on Tap event tomorrow at the Children’s Museum. But you are wondering a bit about driving after one (or more) trips through the craft beer stations. Your car isn’t driving straight as it is and with a few beers….better call a cab.

You should also call Terry’s Car Care. If your car is wandering down the road and you’re constantly having to adjust the steering to get it to go straight, you need one of Terry’s expert auto mechanics. A car that wanders could be suffering from one of several maladies, according to Among those possible problems: Parts of the steering linkage are loose and need to be tightened; or the front wheel bearings are out of adjustment or are severely worn.

Terry’s has been the trusted auto repair shop in Madison for almost 50 years. We’re conveniently located in the isthmus so you get the bonus of a free day’s parking when you leave your car with us. And, through the end of the month, we have a special of up to $50 off for qualified NAPA steering and chassis parts. But hurry in, the deals end Monday.

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