: Wheel bearings

Listen to Your Car

Those odd noises are telling you to consult an auto mechanic at a repair shop in Madison to have your wheels checked out. After a hard week at work, you’re looking forward to enjoying things this weekend with your family. Things like 10Fest at the Overture Center that’ll have circus acts in Madison's streets. And…
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Not Purring Like a Kitten

If your car or truck is roaring like a tiger, you could have major problems. With all the various noises at the Dane County Fair this weekend, you might think that roaring is merely a commentary from one of the Royal Bengal or Siberian tigers in Bruno’s Tiger Show. If that’s what it is, that’s…
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Dangerous Driving Ahead

If you don't fix bad wheel bearings, the result could be deadly. From the squeaking and chirping sounds when you speed up or make sharp turns, you’d think a family of crickets had taken up residence in your car or truck. If that noise isn’t the only odd thing – if your steering wheel is…
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