Don’t Let a Dead Battery Kill Your Day

Batteries Tend to Die at the Worst of Times

If you’ve had a car or truck for any length of time, you’ve probably had the experience of turning the key in the ignition and – nothing. And, of course, it generally happens when you’re running late for work or have the kids in the car all primed for an afternoon on the kiddie waterslides at Crawdaddy Cove Water Park.  To their cries of “are we there yet?” you can answer, “No, we’re not going anywhere with a dead battery.”

Batteries can die for lots of reasons: a cracked case, broken terminals, corrosion, prolonged disuse, or frequent and continuous overcharge. The certified technicians at Terry’s Car Care in Madison can help you whether it’s a checkup that catches problems before they happen. Or, a quick charge to get a battery that’s low on juice back up to full performance. Or, in the worst case, a new battery to replace the old.

At Terry’s Car Care, we have a full line of batteries for all vehicles and We Can Help You with That!

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