: Emissions

It IS Brain Surgery

Well, sort of - if your power train control module needs fixing. To make an interesting and horrifying story, science fiction writers often create a world in which machines develop minds of their own and take over. Well, those writers are not far from the truth. Your car or truck already has a mind of…
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That Little Noise Could Be Telling You Something

If it's your muffler, you want to get it taken care of before it becomes a big noise. Lately, you’ve been hearing a deep, throaty grumbling sound from your engine. And it’s getting louder. You’ve also noticed that your car or truck seems to be vibrating a bit more than it used to and that…
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Don’t Let That Catalytic Converter Slow You Down

A Bad Catalytic Converter Could Impair Acceleration Car lover? Then this is your weekend. About 1,200 classic rides – think muscle car, pony car, vintage car – will fill the parking lot at Noah’s Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells for Automotion 2014 (May 17-18). The website, wisdells.com/automotion, describes the event as having live music and…
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