: Headlights

Regular Maintenance Is Key for a Vehicle’s Long Life

Save your engine with routine maintenance and save your wallet with our deal. Experts say the best way to keep your car or truck running smoothly and on the road for years to come is regular maintenance. But, let’s face it, even knowing it can save you big bucks in the long run by heading…
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Summer Car Care Time Is Here

Save money and make sure your car or truck is ready for a summer of fun. Many drivers are taking advantage of the good weather and summer vacations to take their cars or trucks on the road. But whether you’re going to Milwaukee (or even farther) or sticking around Madison for Restaurant Week, you want to…
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It’s Dark Out There

Are you sure your headlights are working? As everyone learns (or should learn) in drivers ed classes, headlights are a major safety feature of your car or truck (Captain Obvious here). But sometimes drivers forget that, in Wisconsin, the law (as reported at the unofficial motor vehicle department site, dmv.org) says you must have your…
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