Gearing Up

Noise? Burning smell? Hard to get your car or truck in gear? Could be your clutch has worn out.

One of the things you like best about your car or truck is the manual transmission and the control it gives you shifting from one gear to another. But recently you’ve noticed a few things – a squealing or chirping noise and jerking when you shift gears and a funny kind of burning smell. It sounds as if your clutch may be wearing out. (The clutch on cars with automatic transmissions can also wear out.) You probably want to come to Terry’s Car Care to let our ASE-certified mechanics take a look at your engine. As says, “If your clutch shows any signs of failure, the sooner you act, the better off you will be.”

If it is your clutch, the mechanics at Terry’s can repair or replace it and have you on your way in no time to tonight’s Jazz at Five concert on State Street in Madison. Remember, when you need your truck or car fixed in Madison, Terry’s is the place to go.

Let Terry’s Help You Get In Gear!

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