Transmission Woes? Terry’s Car Care Can Help

When Your Transmission Goes, Come to Terry’s

So you’re on the road to Milwaukee to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum when smoke suddenly starts pouring out of your car or truck engine. The problem could be your transmission. A transmission, defined by the World English Dictionary at, is “a system of shafts, gears, torque converters, etc., that transmits power, especially the arrangement of such parts that transmits the power of the engine to the driving wheels of a motor vehicle.”

Simple, right? No. It gets more complicated from there. That’s because there are multiple types of transmissions, from simple to diesel electric. Then, there are sub-types within those categories, from manual all the way up to hydrodynamic.

But don’t start stressing. The technicians at Terry’s Car Care in Madison know all the ins and outs of all types of transmissions. They have the training, experience and access to the parts that’ll make your car run again.

Terry’s Car Care, We Can Help You with That!

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