Bring Your Diesel to Terry’s

Terry’s cares for diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles.

Diesel cars and sport utility vehicles are still relatively rare in this country. But they’re becoming more common as an article in last year’s Forbes magazine,, explains. The article, by Matthew de Paula, cites a data analysis done by R.L. Polk and Co. on behalf of the Diesel Technology Forum. The data show that registrations for diesel cars and sport utility vehicles rose 24 percent in the U.S. from 2010 through 2012. That growth in registrations is expected to continue for the last half of this decade.

The reasons behind this are many, according to the article, and include an expanding number of choices of diesel-powered vehicles and much better gas mileage. Improved gas mileage is important because it saves money and is good for the environment. And while that’s important for those who pretty much stick around Madison, it’s even more important for those who like to drive a lot or frequently take day trips to places like the June 13 season opening of Big Top Chautauqua.

Sometimes though, people are hesitant to embrace different technologies because they don’t know where to go for service or repairs should something happen. That shouldn’t be a worry where diesel is concerned. Terry’s Car Care has certified, experienced technicians who have the expertise to provide routine maintenance for them (as well as hybrid and electric vehicles) and to get them running again should something go wrong.

Terry’s Car Care Can Take Care of That Diesel!

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