It’s All About Comfort | Shock Absorbers, Struts

If riding in your car is unpleasant, you want to take it to a Madison auto mechanic for a check of the shock absorbers and suspension system.

You’re headed to Fitchburg for the farmers’ market today, but you’re not thinking so much of fruit and veggies. You’re thinking more of the ride there. Your car has gotten progressively more uncomfortable and you’re wondering whether it’s your imagination or your car’s suspension needs some work.

Ride comfort, or, rather, discomfort, is one sign you might need new shocks, struts or a suspension overhaul. Other signs include your car’s bottoming out over bumps in the road and “unusual noises over bumps, excessive body lean in turns or that the front end of the car dives sharply in hard braking,” according to Those are all signs you should take your car to a Madison auto repair shop like Terry’s Car Care to have a certified auto mechanic get it up on a lift to see what’s happening.

“The mechanic will be able to see if there are major leaks (shock absorbers are filled with fluid), worn mounts or bushings, or physical damage such as dents,” says.

Terry’s has been the trusted Madison car repair shop for almost 50 years. Terry’s is conveniently located in the isthmus within easy walking distance of shopping, dining and other activities. An extra plus of having Terry’s check out your car – free parking for the day. While you’re here, ask about our discounts on certain auto parts, such as $75 back in a prepaid Visa card when you buy two qualifying NAPA strut replacements.

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