Dim Lights

Dimming headlights could be a sign car repair is in your future. Your alternator or battery may need to be repaired or replaced.

You’ve noticed a couple of funny things recently when driving your car or truck, particularly at night. The headlights seem to be dimmer when you’re idling or at a stop light but they brighten up again once you accelerate. Your dash lights are doing the same thing. It’s making you wonder if you should take a chance and go to the Pickleball lesson tonight at Heritage Heights Park or if you’ll end up stranded somewhere.

You certainly don’t want to miss a chance to learn how to play Pickleball, but you’d better bring your vehicle by Terry’s Car Care to let us check out your alternator. Lights that dim and seem to get brighter when you accelerate are an early warning sign that your alternator (the part that charges the battery when the vehicle is moving) may be going bad. Let it go and, as buzzle.com says, you could end up “stranded and left high and dry, when your alternator stops working.”

Terry’s experienced, certified mechanics can check out your electrical system, alternator and battery to find the problem and get it fixed so you can be on your way to play Pickleball. So, remember, when you need a car repair service in Madison, Terry’s is the place to go.

We Can Help You With That Alternator!


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