Don’t Let This Little Light Shine | Check Engine Light

Your check engine light could indicate that you have serious engine problems. You need to consult a Madison auto mechanic.

You’re driving home from the Greenway Station Farmers Market in Middleton when you notice to your horror that your “check engine” light has come on. Your initial reaction, once you’ve gotten over your sinking feeling, is to hope it will flicker off and, well, just go away. But, no such luck. You get home and it’s still on.

First thing you should do is to check your gas cap, especially if you stopped for gas. A loose, or faulty, cap can cause the check engine light to come on. If it’s not that, then it’s most likely one of four other causes, according to a broken oxygen sensor, a faulty catalytic converter, a failed mass air flow sensor, or a bad spark plug.

You definitely need to bring your car to Terry’s Car Care to have our expert auto mechanics take a look and diagnose the problem. Terry’s has been the trusted shop in Madison for auto repair and tire service for almost 50 years. We have several specials now to help Madison drivers save money on needed auto repairs. Those include up to $50 back in a prepaid VISA if you buy a qualifying catalytic converter.

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