Sounds like your engine needs some loving car care from an auto mechanic in Madison.

You were planning a mental health day from work so you could horseback ride through Governor Dodge State Park to enjoy the first day of fall. But when you got in your car or truck and turned the ignition, it screeched as if it was auditioning for a role as the victim in a horror movie.

Sounds like your fan belt (some call them alternator belts) is worn, stretched, or incorrectly adjusted. notes, “It happens when there is a heavy load on the belt, such as when the alternator is trying to recharge the battery after starting the engine, or when the power steering pump is working hard as you turn the steering wheel with the car moving slowly. This fault is more common on diesel vehicles since the heavy duty batteries place a greater load on the alternator.”

Time to run by Terry’s Car Care in Madison before you head off on your horseback ride. Our ASE-certified auto mechanics have been providing auto repairs and tire care for 46 years. We can adjust or replace your fan belt and have you on your way again in no time. (Yes, we service diesels. And hybrids. And electrics.)

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