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Flat Happens | Tire Service, Tire Repair

Regular tire service in Madison can help you avoid most flats and prolong the life of your tires. You were all set for a trip to the zoo this morning. At least until you saw the flat tire on your car. Now you’re stuck until a tow truck gets to you because, well, you really…
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Lost Your Balance? | Tires, Tire Balancing

Have a Madison tire service expert take a look at your tires if you feel a bit of a shimmy when you drive. Recently you’ve noticed a slight shimmy when your car gets up a bit of speed. It doesn’t have to be a lot of speed, just enough to get you someplace in Madison,…
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Time to Retire Those Snow Tires | Tires

Now that the temperatures have risen, it's time to change your tires for the spring and summer driving ahead. Spring has truly sprung – all the golf courses in Madison parks are finally open. That’s not only a sign that (most of) the cold weather is behind us until next winter. It’s also a reminder…
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